Effect of Information Technology Capabilities on E-services among Malaysian Local Authorities

Erlane K. Ghani, Jamaliah Said


This study examines the effect of Information Technology capabilities (IT) on e-services in Malaysian Local Authorities (LAs). Using a questionnaire survey, this study assesses three elements of IT capabilitiy: infrastructure, skill and usage on the quality of e-services offered by LAs. This study uses the variables for IT capabilities introduced by Tippins and Sohi (2003) in assessing their influence on the quality of e-services among LAs. The results show that all three elements significantly affect the quality of the e-service . The results also show that the interaction between the IT infrastructure and IT skill significantly influences the quality of the LA e-services. The results support the findings in the private sector literature that discovered that IT capabilities were an effective performance mechanism in order to experience continuous performance improvement.

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