Public E-Services Research - A Critical Analysis of Current Research in Sweden

Ulrica Lofstedt


In Sweden, there is an emerging research on public e-Services and research is conducted at several universities and research institutes. Swedish research on e-Services focuses on citizens, communication, the development of e-Services, the design of e-Services, the maintenance of e-Services, e-Participation, the quality of services, evaluation, organisational changes, interactions between different e-Services, usability, co-operation, inter-organisational co-operation, accessibility, e-Health, the development of methods, and process orientation. Current research projects in Sweden have a predominance of national governments and governmental focus, but there are nevertheless several research projects that focus on local governments and on citizens. In analysing current research, it can be seen that Swedish research on e-Services in several cases corresponds to international research, and visions and trends for the future development of e-Services. However, the challenge facing future research on e-Services is to include more of theory generating and theory testing.

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